Great Spirit Hardwoods | Solid Hardwood Lumber Pricing per Board Foot.

Our select hardwoods will add to your bottom line, increase your profit margin on your next job with fair pricing and quality you can depend on.

Pricing for Solid Hardwood Lumber | Kiln Dried Select or Better Boards and Slabs | great spirit hardwoods price list

We offer quality hardwood lumber in many species. Our hardwoods are kiln dried, are thick for their grade and are of select or better grade. We offer hardwoods rough and skip planed with enough room to work with. Hardwood boards are of the same quality used in our furniture shop and are usually quite wide and are flat enough to yield common usable thicknesses after flattening and surfacing in their total length. For example, our 8/4 Cherry is a full 2" thick and our 4/4 Sapele and African Mahogany is 1.0625" thick when in rough form. We do not sell common grade hardwood lumber and you will not have to worry about the tragic waste involved in using twisted or warped boards. Using our quality hardwood lumber will add to your bottom line due to price and through the dependable quality of materials. Note: Some Hardwoods have a +20% wide board premium of boards over 10" depending on if we paid a premium in purchasing inventory.

    Cherry, Appalachian 90/70 red heartwood. Clear and flat in widths 7" to 13+".

  • 4/4 = $5.70 | 6/4 = $6.48 | 8/4 -= $6.75
  • African Mahogany - Ribbon or Flat

  • 4/4 = $6.90 | 6/4 = $7.31 | 8/4 = $7.36
  • Sapele - Ribbon or Flat, a Wonderful Hardwood

  • 4/4 = $7.22 | 5/4 = $7.67 | 6/4 = $7.76| 8/4 = $7.76
  • White Hard Maple - Nice Clear and White Hardwood

  • 4/4 = $4.13 | 5/4 = $5.53 | 6/4 = $5.65 | 8/4 = $5.65
  • Black Walnut - Colorful Select Un-Steamed Hardwood

  • 4/4 = $8.25 | 8/4 = $10.50

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"Special Order" Pricing for 100 Board Foot Quantities of Hardwood Lumber

Offering sales prices during our pre opening period on special orders of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Aside from the stock we have on hand at our hardwood lumber and live edge slab store, we offer a "special order hardwood service" that passes our buying power onto our clients and fellow woodworkers. We combine our own orders with those of fellow woodworkers to lower the cost of materials which will increase your profit margin. Quantities of 100 Board feet of a species are usually required but the savings are so great, it is like receiving free lumber. As with all of our hardwood lumber, special orders are of prime quality select or better kiln dried hardwoods. Feel free to compare our special order pricing to that of Owl and The Hardwood Connection!


Examples of recent pricing to our fellow woodworkers, 100 BdFt and above without "wide board" charges!

    Cherry, Appalachian 90/70 red heartwood. Beautiful, clear and flat in nice widths 7" and up.

  • 4/4 = $4.65 | 6/4 = $5.55 | 8/4 -= $5.80
  • African Mahogany - Ribbon or Flat

  • 4/4 = $6.33 | 8/4 -= $6.75
  • White Hard Maple - Nice Clear and White Hardwood

  • 6/4 = $5.25 | 8/4 = $5.49

These are only a few examples of what we can offer to fellow woodworkers and cabinetmakers.

Machining, Surfacing and Woodworking Services

We also offer machining, jointing, wide belt sanding, glue-ups and make large tops for our fellow woodworkers. Give us a try, we are not big but we want to save you money. On the other end of the spectrum, contact us for shorts, blanks and other pieces if you build on a small scale project dimension wise and seek quality kiln dried hardwoods without having to purchase full boards.

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