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Learn about our solid hardwood lumber and the benefits of our fair pricing and dependable quality.

We offer quality select and better hardwoods to Chicago area woodworking and cabinetmakers through retail wood sales by the board foot and special order quantity pricing at Great Spirit Hardwoods in East Dundee, Illinois.

We offer quality select and better hardwoods that are dimensionally thick, clear, flat and straight allowing our customers to increase their profit margin. Our customers find that the quality of our hardwoods, and our actual thicknesses increase their yield per board foot which adds to their bottom line. We also offer very fair price points on our by the board foot hardwood pricing and some take advantage of our special order pricing for 100 board feet or more of a particular hardwood for further discounts. Whether your job calls for 150 board feet or you are looking for short stock or some pen blanks, you will find that our hardwoods a priced right and are dependable in terms of quality. We offer most hardwoods rough sawn usually as a preference due to not wanting to take valuable thickness away before it can be jointed or surfaced. If jointing, planing or wide belt sanding is desired, we can do that for you as well.

We offer many local and exotic species of hardwoods including Cherry, Black Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Sapele Mahogany, Ash, White Oak and more. We might not stock everything but we do have a nice selection and regularly perform special orders for larger quantities and for stock we do not usually have on hand. We offer significant savings on our special order hardwoods and panel products and have a great inventory of selected shorts and blanks for turners. We also offer book matched sets of differing hardwoods in full boards and in sizes perfect for a cocktail or occasional table.

Quality hardwoods that you can depend on equate to a significant savings in time and materials.

Our rescued local Black Walnut in lumber and in select slabs offers superb quality as we choose our stock carefully for color, grain and clarity.

Our clients love our attention to detail when it comes to sourcing and selecting Black Walnut for our wood store as it is kiln dried, stable and never steamed which is a dreadful process that ruins the beauty of this wonderful hardwood.

We specialize in kiln dried Black Walnut live edge slabs and in select and better rough and surfaced boards. Our live edge slabs are taken from storm downed, dying and aged trees that had to be taken down for reasons other than harvesting the hardwood of a healthy forest tree. Our slabs are air dried for 4-12 months before being kiln dried in our state of the art dehumidification kiln. Our Walnut slabs are never steam as part of the kiln drying process and exhibit all of the natural color found in Black Walnut. Inventory changes and depending on finished live edge table orders, we may only have stock available in shorter slabs. Please inquire.

To learn more about our quality select and better hardwood lumber and rescued slab boards, call 224-801-1969 or email us at [email protected]

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Great Spirit Hardwoods is located at 7 Jackson Street in East Dundee, Illinois. We serve the Barrington, Arlington Heights, Algonquin, Libertyville, Long Grove, Vernon Hills, Dundee, Evanston, Lake Forest, Geneva and Glenview areas in Illinois along with the Greater Chicagoland suburbs and Lincoln Park, Old Town and other areas of Chicago.

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Great Spirit Hardwoods

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